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Good ol' Zadddlok is back. Kaboom?
Going to go see Transformers tonight, unfortunately this means I will miss the event. Sorry Ab. ><
Okay doki, ganna see if we cant start getting this site some use again. =D
.....Please go back to updating this website Smar I don't have a clue/
WoW News
Welcome to the first in an ongoing series of programming- and engineering-focused articles that, over time, will cover some of the technical nuts and bolts that go into creating and running World of Warcraft. Before we kick this first o...
Published Sep 17, 2014
*This sale has ended.* Bred for rescue in the forbidding cold of the Alterac Mountains, the spirited Brew Pup is ready to lend a swig of good “cheer” to dog-tired travelers everywhere. If you could use a hardy companion like this at...
Published Sep 17, 2014
With the availability of the updated character models and animations that are being added with Warlords of Draenor, we’ve seen a question pop up among the community: “Will I be able to customize my face?” The simple answer is “ye...
Published Sep 17, 2014
As your journey takes you from Pandaria to Draenor, we wanted to extend one last opportunity to obtain your Legendary Cloak—and share some important updates related to this iconic item. Legendary Cloak Changes: Once More unto the Bre...
Published Sep 16, 2014
With the upcoming Warlords of Draenor pre-patch (6.0.2), we will be releasing sidelined characters’ names back into the wild. Any characters that have not logged into the game since November 13, 2008 will have their names freed up, mak...
Published Sep 15, 2014

Just a friendly reminder that Gigi is alive and does exist, she has not quite reached the existential level of becoming an alicorn that farts glitter and is made out of diamonds. My weekends are going to become my days to do commission work half the month so I can afford to do WoW and catch up on bills.  This big picture here was bought by Roxxei and is considered a complex piece as well as making Roxxei the Poster child for the First National Church of Kezan (located on the moonguard Wikia) so a big shout out as a thank you! And this one down here was bought by our other PR person Cix! Look at how cute she is. A friendly reminder too I so post art of Goblins that are safe for work in the gallery if you ever feel you need to stare at more green skinned brats :thumb:

Khaira Love the one of Rox. ...
Ava/Citz/Bela THE WORLD SHE BE RULED! By adorable blond goblin priests. ALL SHALL LOVE AND DESPAIR!!!!!

Just a friendly Heads up your GM Gijei does do small in game busts for in game gold if anyone is looking for an Avatar to add to their MRP as well as there being a giveaway coming up soon worth 45$ for first prize on tumblr if anyone is interested! Commissions are open and receiving of in game gold for a bust is a guildie only special for a limited time as your GM thought it was a great idea to blow 99.9% of her funds helping Fink Purchase a champion for the Tournament of Thorns hosted by our friends at Under City Nexus. Vurkgol the top PVPer for Moon Guard will be fighting under the banner for Megabucks! There is also a raffle with prizes worth up to 45K going out tomorrow night at 7PM. Come for the blood shed come for the fun! But most assuredly show up for the fun we look forward to seeing you there!

A really amazing piece I stumbled upon, please take a moment to appreciate the hard work that must have gone into it.


How Goblin are YOU?

Smaragd a posted Jan 28, 14
As a predominantly Goblin-based RP guild, wealth and riches are something that is quite near and dear to the hearts of many of our members. This morning as I was idly skimming through my achievements, Kameñ thought it interesting to compare our Wealth sections and see who is the better Goblin. Surprise surprise I won :p  

This made me curious, how Goblin are YOU?Wealth

Stabsy Less goblin than you, for sure.
I was scrolling through as I am want to do when I first turn on my computer, in fact it has almost become like a ritual for me pre-log in. I put on a cup of coffee, I remove the cat (and cat hair) from atop my keyboard and then I open up 3 websites to skim through while drinking my coffee; WoWInsider, WorldOfWarcraft, and TheUndermineJournal; now I think I will add to that mix our wonderful site!

Anyways, I digress. As I was saying, I was scrolling down and I found the most awe-inspiring and motivational thing I think I can safely say in all my time on this planet and it combined 2 loves, TED Talks and you guys, my beloved Azerothian family.

There really isn't much more to do than to link the video for you all to see for yourselves, I hope it brightens your day and gives you hope.

Sleeb That was gorgeous, and man, do I agree. I used AOL, AIM, then TSimsOnline, SWG...WoW to be social. I met Ruxxer on WoW. ...
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